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What is an ARD?

In Texas, we call the meetings that determine the special education supports and services for a student, an ARD. ARD is an acronym for Admission, Review and Dismissal.

What happens during an ARD meeting?                                                                                                       

During the ARD meeting, the different members of the ARD Committee share their thoughts and suggestions. If this is the first ARD meeting after your child's evaluation, the team may go over the evaluation results, so your child's strengths and needs will be clear. These results will help the team decide what special help your child needs in school. 

Remember that you are a very important part of the ARD Committee. You know your child better than anyone. Don't be shy about speaking up, even though there may be a lot of other people at the meeting. Share what you know about your child and what you wish others to know. 

After the various team members (including you, the parent) have shared their thoughts and concerns about your child, the group will have a better idea of your child's strengths and needs. This will allow the team to discuss and decide on: 

  • the educational and other goals that are appropriate for your child; and  

  • the type of special education services your child needs. 

The ARD Committee will also talk about the related services your child may need to benefit from his or her special education.   Depending on the needs of your child and the services to be provided, your child's IEP could be carried out: 

  • in regular classes  

  • in special classes (where all the students are receiving special education services)  

  • in special schools  

  • at home 

  • in hospitals and institutions 

  • in other settings 



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