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Todd Loupe

Successful, "authentic" student learning must be based on providing appropriate educational experiences at the appropriate level of challenge in order to ensure maximum student achievement.

Little Cypress-Mauriceville School District subscribes to this standard approach to curriculum and instruction, which focuses and organizes all of the district's efforts around the mission and the 12th grade graduation goal expectations. 





Julia Dickerson                                            Todd Loupe

Executive Director of                                                                 Executive Director of 

Elementary Education                                                                Secondary Education



  Curriculum and Instruction 

Little Cypress-Mauriceville CISD is committed to coordinating the written, taught, and tested curriculum. To accomplish the District goals and objectives, the curriculum and instructional program are: Aligned with the state-mandated curriculum; Aligned with the state-mandated assessments and programs; Designed to develop District priorties.

Curriculum in LCM CISD is defined as the knowledge, skills, attitudes and the processes to be taught and learned at the appropriate levels/area or in courses in our schools. The word curriculum refers to what is taught, written, and tested.

Julia Dickerson, Executive Director of Elementary Education

Todd Loupe, Executive Director of Secondary Education


For questions or comments, please contact Stacy Pickett at 409-883-2232 ext. 2410




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